Long Neck Tribes Village

The Karen tribe, which is unofficially called the Long Neck tribe, came to Thailand from Burma, when escaping war and violence in their country. They are world famous for their women, who wear golden rings around their necks. From the time when they are 5 to their 21st birthday, each year one ring is added to their collection.

In the end, their necks get so long that these women are often called “dragon ladies”, or just “long necks”. According to Karen people, the longer the neck the more beautiful the woman who wears them is.

Chiang Rai is one of the most exotic and unforgettable experiences when you travel or tour in northern Thailand.

There you will have a chance to meet Karen women who wear brass rings around their necks as part of their tradition for beautiful and unique ethnic, see how they work with a blackstrap loom, and practice their impressive weaving skills. It will be best to explore the village, with respect, to getting a slice of Karen culture and their way of life.

You can also support these locals by purchasing some souvenirs and traditional Karen textiles. They will make you impressed and surprised by Chiang Rai tour.

Karen Long Neck Villages, Chiang Rai Province, North Thailand.

Lock neck woman tribe weaving.

Karen Long Neck Villages, Chiang Rai Province, North Thailand.

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