SanKamphaeng Hot Springs

San Kampang Hot Springs, Chiang Mai is situated about 23 km. away from Sankampang district and about 36 km. from the Chiang Mai city.

It has 2 hot springs shooting a burst of hot water around 20 meters high into the air. This place is the perfect destination for people who are conscious about their health and physical well-being.

The water at Sankampang Hot Spring, Chiang Mai contains high sulphuric and it cures many diseases and improves blood circulation.

Sankampang Hot Spring is one of the popular tourist destinations for the Chiang Mai tour that attracts numerous tourists every year and helps in promoting tourism in Chiang Mai City to a great extent.

This place offers facilities for foot soaking, a traditional mineral bath, and a mineral swimming pool.

You can relax while enjoying one day tour or a half-day tour with the beautiful scenes of nicely-decorated flower gardens and the surrounding green mountains. The water from the hot spring is very hot that you can boil an egg.

Try boiling eggs, wait until they are done at your favorite level, and try eating them with soy sauce. You should never miss to Chiang Mai tour with experience hot springs mineral bath here.

San Kamphaeng hot springs in Chiang Mai , Thailand.

Foot soak onsen tourist at Sankampaeng hot springs Chiang Mai.

Hot springs eggs in bamboo basket boil in hot water at San Kampang Hot Spring.

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