Escape the City with a Local Tour from Chiang Mai.

Mae Kampong (Hidden Village)

Mid-stream chapel at Wat Khantha Phueksa temple

The Mae Kampong village is in a peaceful setting. Surrounded by mountains and rice fields, provides the perfect atmosphere for relaxation and a true Chiang Mai tour experience.

It is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Mae Kampong is not only a beautifully located village, but it’s a great idea for a Chiang Mai tour.

The village is a popular natural tourist attraction and a small village of just over 130 houses, which has become a model for community tourism in Thailand. And also hosts an interesting Community Learning Center.

Mae Kampong village is surrounded by an abundance of ecosystems and you can expect to see a wide biodiversity of natural vegetation. In fact, the village itself is named after the Kampong Flower which only grows here.

If you spend a few days or day trips in Chiang Mai and want to escape the city, this place is a nice trip for you.

Sankamphaeng Handicrafts Village

Let’s escape to Chiang Mai city!

Take on a half-day tour in Chiang Mai to explore Sankampaeng, Thailand’s famed center for handicraft products.

Sankamphaeng Handicrafts Village or Bo-Sang Umbrella Village is famous for producing hand-made bamboo umbrellas and parasols.

You can watch artisans at work in the outdoor area and our tour guide also help to explain each part of the umbrella-making process. Bo-Sang Umbrella Village has been the traditional center of Chiang Mai’s famous umbrella and fan-making.

Here the hand-painted wares are made of delicate “Sa” paper and are available in many designs and colors. The highlight of the village is an umbrella factory, where umbrellas are built from start to finish along an assembly line.

Get the chance to purchase exclusive Sankampaeng, Chiang Mai merchandise on this half-day tour in Chiang Mai.

Traditional Thai paper umbrella.

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